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What to do if your Vibrosaver goes offline

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It is possible, in certain circumstances, for your VibroSaver device to lose its connection to your Wi-Fi network.

Check if your VibroSaver falls in any of these cases and follow the troubleshooting routines


1. VibroSaver device is not powered.

To check if your VibroSaver device is powered, move the slide switch from OFF to ON position. If it's vibrating once, it is powered. If it doesn't vibrate, check if it's connected to the power outlet.


2. Something happened to your network.

See if your Wi-Fi router is powered up and gets internet connection. If the router is not getting the internet connection, you may see one of the LED indications on your router is red or amber rather than green.

If your home Wi-Fi is set up with two devices, a modem from the internet service provider and your own Wi-Fi access point, you need to check all those devices.

Simple way to see if your Wi-Fi gets internet connection is to see if your smartphone shows a good level of Wi-Fi signal icon in the same location where VibroSaver is placed. And check if you can navigate websites while your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.


3. Your Wi-Fi is turned on and connected to internet but signal doesn't reach to the location where you placed the VibroSaver.

Wi-Fi signal may not reach to the destination if there are obstacles such as thick walls, furnitures, or large obstacles made up of metal, ceramic, stone and so on.

If you see the VibroSaver gets online on the app while you test it close to the Wi-Fi router, this can be the reason.

If this is your case, try to relocate your Wi-Fi router or you may need to install a Wi-Fi signal extender.