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VibroSaver User Guide
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Get Started

1️⃣ Overview


VibroSaver is a smart Wi-Fi alarm solution that can be controlled on your smartphone through the app.

VibroSaver Cloud service allows you to get access to VibroSaver from anywhere anytime through the internet. You can use VibroSaver app to setup VibroSaver and set multiple alarms with recurrence setting and voice services such as Alexa or Google Assistant to control alarm.

2️⃣ Get To Know

Get to Know about VibroSaver


 Snooze Button  is to snooze an alarm

  • Alarm will be snoozed with 9 minutes interval up to 1 hour.

 Alarm On/Off Switch  enables or disables alarm function

  • If this switch is set to OFF, all active alarms will be disabled and not able to change alarm setings on the app even when the VibroSaver is powered up.

💡 Sending a Vibrate Now will vibrate the VibroSaver even when the switch is moved to OFF position.

 Reset Button  restores VibroSaver to the factory settiing when pressed for 5 seconds

  • If VibroSaver goes to reset, red LED blinks and a short vibration will take place.
  • Then Blue LED will flash while waiting a message from the VibroSaver app to be added.

3️⃣ Download App

Download App

 To get started, get the VibroSaver app for iOS or Android.

 download VibroSaver app on Apple App Store  download VibroSaver app on Google Play Store

4️⃣ Sign Up

Sign Up for VibroSaver Service

After downloading and installing the VibroSaver app on your smartphone:

1. Open the VibroSaver app.

2. Tap Register.

3. Tap Agree for the Agreement of Use and Privacy policy.

4. Choose account type between email and phone.

  • Confirm country.
  • Tap Email or Phone on top of the screen.

5. Enter email address or phone number and tap Obtain verification code.

6. Check your email inbox or SMS message inbox to find the verification code received.

  • Allow 1-2 minutes to receive the code and tap resend if it's still not received.

7. Enter received verification code.

8. Set password at the next screen.

  • Password should be at least 6 characters long up to 20 characters and must contain at least one alphabet letter and one digit.

9. Tap Completed.

10. Tap Allow to allow VibroSaver app for the location permission while you are using the app.

  • This is required from the OS of your device to use Wi-Fi information which is needed to connect the VibroSaver device to Wi-Fi.
  • On iOS 13 or later, the OS will automatically show a popup to obtain a permission for Bluetooth.

5️⃣ Add VibroSaver

Add VibroSaver

On the VibroSaver device:

1. Power up the VibroSaver and check if the LED indication flashes blue after vibrating once.

► If the VibroSaver does not flash blue LED (for example, blue and white or white only in turn), hold pinhole reset button for 5 seconds using a pin.

  • Reset button is on the right side of the on/off switch.

2. Make sure if the switch is ON (green) position.


On your smartphone:

1. Please make sure if your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi network.

  • Once connected, you will see icon on top of the screen.


In the VibroSaver app:

1. Tap Add VibroSaver .

2. Tap Next.

3. Choose Wi-Fi network and enter password.

💬 Tip

► What if I don't know my Wi-Fi password?

In most home Wi-Fi, you have a chance to find your Wi-Fi password labeled on your Wi-Fi router or modem - the small device installed in your home by the technician when you installed the internet service. If it is not found there, you need to call your internet service provider to get help.

4. Tap Confirm.

💬 Tip

If you see a popup message "Your phone has been connected to 5GHz Wi-Fi network.", please change to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

► Tap Change to go to Wi-Fi Settings on your smartphone and choose 2.4GHz network. Wait a few moments until getting conencted to 2.4GHz network and go back to VibroSaver app.

To go back to VibroSaver app, press home button and launch VibroSaver app again.
(Alternatively, on iOS device, double press Home button to open app history and select VibroSaver app; on Android device, press Back button.)

 How do I find 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network? 

On the Wi-Fi network list on your smartphone, you may see two Wi-Fi network names with same name and one of them has '5' or '5GHz' at the end. Choose the Wi-Fi network without '5' or '5GHz'.

Sometimes, you may see only one Wi-Fi network name when the same name is used for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Tap Continue if this is your case.

5. Tap ••• icon on the top-right corner to edit added VibroSaver name and tap Save.

6. Tap Completed.

💡 Once VibroSaver has been added successfully, you don't need to keep your smartphone connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. You can access to your VibroSaver through either band of Wi-Fi or even cellular internet connection.

💡 One or more VibroSaver can be added to your user account and they will be displayed on the list of the VibroSaver app.

6️⃣ Place VibroSaver

Place VibroSaver

Place your VibroSaver under your pillow or anywhere you want to locate it while connected to power.

Make sure to keep VibroSaver keep connected to power and we encourage you not to connect the VibroSaver to lamp outlet so it's not turned off by the room lamp switch while you're sleeping.

💬 Tip

Once the VibroSaver has been added through the app and connected to internet, it will get the latest settings through the VibroSaver Cloud service.


Set, Manage and Snooze Alarms

1️⃣ Set Alarm

In the VibroSaver app:

  1. Tap VibroSaver to set alarms.
    (If you just finished Add VibroSaver, it is already selected and skip this.)
  2. Tap Add Alarm.
  3. Choose alarm time.
  4.  Set alarm label.
  5.  Set recurrence day(s) to repeat the alarm. If not selected any day, the alarm will go off only one time.
  6.  Select vibration strength between Normal and Strong.
  7. Tap Test VbroSaver to find your desired vibration strength.
  8. Tap Done.

2️⃣ Delete Alarm

In the VibroSaver app:

  1. Tap VibroSaver to set alarms.
  2. Tap an alarm to delete.
  3. Tap Delete Alarm.

3️⃣ Change Alarm

In the VibroSaver app:

  1. Tap VibroSaver to set alarms.
  2. Tap an alarm to change.
  3. Make changes.
  4. Tap Done.

4️⃣ Snooze/Stop Alarm

On the VibroSaver device:

When an alarm goes off, VibroSaver will start to vibrate and flash white LED.

> To snooze alarm
Press snooze button to snooze alarm for 9 minutes. You can continue to snooze alarms up to 1 hour from the original alarm time.

> To stop alarm:
Move slide switch to OFF position to stop vibration. And then return the switch back to ON position to make it work for the next scheduled alarm.

In the VibroSaver app:

When alarm goes off, alarm popup will be appeared when opened the alarm list of your VibroSaver.

> To snooze alarm:
Tap Snooze button.

> To stop alarm:
Tap Stop button.

Manage VibroSaver

1️⃣ Turn On/Off VibroSaver

VibroSaver provides switches to enable or disable its alarm functions.
You can turn on or off the VibroSaver using a hardware switch or a software switch. Hardware switch is a sliding switch on the VibroSaver device and the software switch is a on/off button in the VibroSaver app. In this way, you can easily control the VibroSaver on the device directly or on the app even while you are away from the VibroSaver.

Please make sure all the switches needs to be turned on to ensure the alarm works at the scheduled time.


 Hardware Switch 
- To turn on: keep the slide switch on its ON position (to show green)
- To turn off: keep the slide switch on its OFF position