VibroSaver - How It Works

VibroSaver is the best way to wake up
in silence at the time you mean it

With the simple and modern look VibroSaver you can do actually a lot of things through easy-to-use app which is available from Apple’s App store and Google Play store.

Step 1
Download the VibroSaver App
Download and install VibroSaver app from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store. Register VibroSaver account to start using the VibroSaver service.

Set Up VibroSaver

  • Open VibroSaver App
  • Register User Account
  • Connect Wi-Fi
  • Add VibroSaver

Step 2
Set Alarms

  • Create personalized alarms
  • With or Without daily recurrence
  • Set vibration strength
  • Turn off alarms for a day you don't need

Step 3
Place VibroSaver under the Pillow

  • Connect the AC adapter to the outlet
  • Place the VibroSaver under the pillow

Step 4
Wake up to Strong Vibration

  • You won't miss this strong vibration
  • Wake up in silence without disturbing others

Vibrate Now

  • When you need to wake up someone
  • Give a care your family or friends as you shake them up 

Voice Control

  • Connect VibroSaver with your desired service
  • Use with Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices
    - Alexa: Amazon Echo smart speakers, Amazon Echo Buds, Echo Show
    - Google Assistant: Google Home speaker, Google Pixel Buds with Android device