Wake up in silence


The smart Wi-Fi  alarm solution

Meet the smart way of waking up on time
in silence without disturbing others.


It's time you make sure your wake up
Shake your morning with the smart VibroSaver
Shake Up Strong
With the choice of vibration level between normal and strong,
you won't miss this alarm 
Wake Up On Time
Set personalized alarms on the VibroSaver app
and never miss the alarm

Wake Up Smart

Do things smart with Wi-Fi connected VibroSaver
at your finger tips with the app or your voice.

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The best way to wake youself only. No more annoying alarm sound waking everybody.

Heavy Sleepers

When a typical alarm clock doesn't work for you, you won't miss this strong vibration.

Hard of Hearing

When a typical alarm clock doesn't work for you, this is it for you.

Irregular Schedules

Get a help to wake up for a shift or taking a medicine especially when really matters.

Choose vibration strength from Normal to Strong.

You won't miss this powerful vibration.

Set alarms and wake up to strong vibration
shaking you up under the pillow.


The smart Wi-Fi alarm shaker



What Our Customer Says?

VibroSaver has been developed based on our customers' voices and now unveiled after 3 years.

We are pleased to offer this smart alarm to you too. You will definitely love it same as our happy customers. Welcome new VibroSaver fans!


Smart Powerful Vibration